He leads me beside still waters

Saturday, 23 April 2011


The final day.

So after 46 days, I have successfully completed my task of not signing into FB for Lent.

Have I missed it? Yes and no.

Yes----for not being able to play games with friends, for not being to catch up on the news of those I care about.

No----not missing the insidious posts of some people.

When I left FB I had 126 "friends" or properly termed "acquaintances". I know I have lost one because she, after only a short time using FB, has decided it is not for her. I did gain one friend to whom I sent an invite a few weeks back. It would be good to catch up with him as we have not seen each other for about 18 years! The ironic thing about the ex and new FB friends are that they are ex husband and wife to each other.

Have I learned anything from his period of abstinence?

I don't think so.

I think I will continue in my usual vein of commenting on other's walls, I will continue posting on my wall using my own particular line of humour.

I do not set out to offend, if others are offended then they must have the issue and deal with it. Either by discussing with me to gain understand me or losing out by deleting me as an "acquaintance."

Aspergers of the world unite.

Friday, 22 April 2011


Good Friday.

A day when Christians remember Christ's barbaric death on the cross. Have thought perhaps that it could be called "Bad Friday" but the reality is that Christ's death brought us life, through His act of forgiving and dying for our sins as the supreme, once-and-for-all sacrifice. Yes, for us, it truly is the "Good Friday."

Thank you Lord.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


This fine weather is getting just too much....NOT!

New lino laid today in conservatory-- looks good. Took remnants to local tip and then went to Wickham for a walk along old railway route followed by a coffee and bowl of ice cream in village square...yum yum.

We then drove to Portsdown Hill, parked car and soaked up the rays whilst overlooking our city.

Back home to return junk/furniture to conservatory and then for a chilling evening playing backgammon

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Fantastic weather today. Blue skies, little wind.

Tomorrow we have new lino being lain in our conservatory so this morning we took great delight in ripping up old lino and then disposing of it at local amenity tip.

In the afternoon, I went to allotment and planted out carrot and parsnips. After not too long, had a call from eldest daughter who was with the two grandkiddies standing at allotment gate wanting to be let in. I put them to good use by letting them hold the hosepipe and water the crops. The eldest grand child had it in her mind to spray the water over us. Good fun when you are the giver but not so if you are on the receiving end.

With the sun out I decided to wash the car. That is usually a sign for rain to come but looking at the forecast it is sun, sun & sun through to at least next Monday. Happy days :)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


A day in Ole London Town.

Took advantage of a Super Off Peak return ticket to London £18 with Southern Railways. Arrived at Victoria Station a proceeded first to Buck Palace. The temporary TV studios are being put in place, the flowers are in bloom and the tourists are in abundance. Absolutely no chance that I will be in London on 29th...I don't do crowds on the best of occasions. Was good to see the Queen's Horse Guards moving up the Mall...only I could take a picture of the colour and pagaentry in mono---grrrr.

Next was a short walk into St James Park to have our picnic and take more pics in mono until realisation dawned.

Not having too much of a plan for the day we did decide to walk to St Paul's Cathedral and take advantage of a 2 for 1 offer to gain entrance. Voucher completed, money handed over.."that offer expired at end of March, sir". No way was I going to pay for two full priced tickets so we retraced our steps and stopped at Somerset House for a coffee---no Starbucks or Cafe Nero for us.

The courtyard at Somerset House was a sun trap and has water fountains that alternate in height. Young children seemed to thoroughly enjoy running through and around the water and balancing balls at the top of the water spouts.

Refreshed with the boost of caffeine we headed back to St James Park for an ice cream, more pics and to enjoy the green grass, the colourful flowers, the blue sky and prepare for our journey home.

A good day with one regret---had to either get the 16.02 train home or wait until the 20.02. Cheap tickets have their benefits but also their downside.

In my mind I am planning the next trip :) Enjoy the pics...colour and mono ;)

Monday, 18 April 2011


On leave from work this week so it was down to allotment to plant out tomatoes, cucumber plants and red onions (all grown from seed).

Back home it was time to pot out brocolli, brussel sprouts and more cucumber plants.

In the afternoon I went out to Emsworth (same as yesterday) and walked firstly to Emsworth and then retraced steps and then headed to Warblington Church. There is also the sole remaining turret of Warblington Castle where Queen Elizabeth I reputably stayed in 1586. The Castle was damaged/destroyed during the Civil War.

Sadly, I couldn't gain access as it appears now to be privately owned. Didn't stop me taken some pictures though :)

Sunday, 17 April 2011


So, the 40th day of Lent and still a week to Easter. Have I mis-counted or have I kept going through every Sunday whereas the purist allows Lent to be broken on the Sabbath?

Today we had lunch with good friends at "The Home of the Sausage" and then went for a very pleasant walk from Emsworth to Langstone along the tidal path.

Such beautiful weather, scenery and company.

Enjoy the pictures.